Holy Blood (early demo)

by Radar Angel

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All's fair in love and war.


Did you break your momma's back
when she tried to hold you back from all the world
for in that moment she realized
That what'd fallen from her womb
wouldn't lay flowers on the tomb
of any soldier upon whom she'd cast a murderous eye

Mother Mary, let me go
I won't fight under your banner no more
So contrary, don't you know
Your assumption is the mother of all whores

So I just keep on hangin' round
in the hopes we'll paint the town red
with the blood of Jesus Christ and all the saints
I ain't complainin', no no no
I'm happy just to go down to the docks
Where all the sirens sing their songs through salty lips

Disappointed, maybe so
but all is fair in love and war
How the hell does your garden grow
when salt is all you sow into those open wounds?

Take me to the garden grove tonight
And lay upon my darkened head a kiss

Now my back is red and raw
coz absolution's such a chore
Now hold this rod for me, and be my redeemer
Time's a wastin', hurry up
now drink the poison from the cup
this holy blood will quench the fire in your heart

Why I take this I don't know
but all is fair in love and war
You push my pulmonary flow
Sing hallelujah like the sirens on the shore

I want your holy blood


released August 15, 2014




Radar Angel Christchurch, New Zealand

Survived the great withering. Rediscovered the lost art of rock and roll in an old cardboard box in my grandpappy's bomb shelter. Toured the wastes with nothing but a scrap-steel guitar 'round my neck and the fire of vengeance in my heart.

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