Visionary (demo)

by Radar Angel

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First single from the forthcoming album "Love & War", set for release Winter 2013 (southern hemisphere, that is).


I seen the oceans rising and
I seen the bullets flying
and I

I seen the lifeblood flowing from the
wounds of the world
and we know it's run dry

I seen the forests burning the
children starving
the warriors yearning for peace

As they join the choir invisible
that one nation indivisible
I know what it means to be a visionary

I seen false prophets rising
with words to soothe the most disquieted man
with each breath a promise spoken and
each deed a promise broken

Daniel and Ezekiel
just lucky guesses
even Nostradamus confesses
that I'm the light

Shining forth the future's revealed
destiny's compendium unsealed
for you tonight

Revelations is so passé
all the kids watch Fox News these days
I'm down with the end times

that's just for kids
Ragnarok ain't got shit on this
I seen the signs

So make love
make war
and burn everything that's worth fighting for
Make love
make war
and burn everything that's worth dying for


released June 13, 2013
Saxophone played by Rachael Travaille
Other stuff done by Daniel Webster




Radar Angel Christchurch, New Zealand

Survived the great withering. Rediscovered the lost art of rock and roll in an old cardboard box in my grandpappy's bomb shelter. Toured the wastes with nothing but a scrap-steel guitar 'round my neck and the fire of vengeance in my heart.

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